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Ensure your toddler get the personalized, engaging care he or she needs to thrive. You can be sure that at Turkey Creek Junior Academy, your child will be given full attention and the opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, and mentally through a variety of fun social and educational activities!

Personalized Childcare

You want to be sure that when you're away, your child gets the complete, personalized attention and assistance he or she deserves. You can rest assured that the dependable, knowledgeable, and caring staff at Turkey Creek Junior Academy of Copperas Cove will always provide your child with consistent attention and stellar assistance with educational and social development.


Give your child the reliable childcare and early education he or she deserves today with Turkey Creek Junior Academy's infant and toddler childcare!

   • Social development

   • Motor skill development

   • Educational toys

   • Story time

   • Language development

   • Listening skill development

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Toddler Care

Give your child an excellent opportunity to grow and develop today with Turkey Creek Junior Academy!

Listening skills

Interactive and Educational Childcare

Dedicated Toddler Care and Development

SAVE 10% when you enroll your second child, and every child after that!

Engaging Infant and Toddler Care

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